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Fish are smart. Use the right bait and lures and you can outsmart them. Use the wrong ones and well, you know the drill...


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Fish won't come to you, you need to go to them. Did you know they live in the water? Yeah, you need a boat.


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This stuff is not just to make you look like a pretender. Like any other gear, once you bring the best you can't go back.


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If you've never fished there before you can guess. Or you can be smart and get advice from someone that knows these waters.


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Just because it is a big body of water doesn't mean it has the fish you want. Know where you are fishing and why.


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Catch and release is fun, eating fish is even better. Here are some of the best ways to prepare your catch.


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There are nearly 28,000 species of fish, can you name them all? If not then read up here to get caught up.


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Yes, you can catch big fish on bad gear but why not step up your rig and improve your odds.


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Catch a trophy? Put that memory on the wall where you can relive it all year round.

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